While churches primarily focus on the spiritual well-being of people, we at Southside realize that people have physical, emotional and medical needs and issues. The Southside Faith Community Nursing Ministry (SFCNM) provides noninvasive activities in a confidential manner that promotes health, healing, and wholeness. This is accomplished by engaging in the use of available resources within Southside Church and our community.

Our goal is to empower individuals and families to navigate the complexities of health, care, thus helping to bridge the gaps in our health education and care delivery system. This is accomplished by involving volunteers from Southside who are licensed and board-certified medical nurses and other volunteers who assist them. We achieve this through five areas:

  1. Health Counseling (HC) -- our ministry volunteers will assess congregational and community health needs. This includes providing information and support related to health maintenance and intimate concerns related to health care needs. HC promotes stewardship of the body emphasizing self-care of the whole person. HC collaborates and communicates with the pastoral staff of Southside and other health professionals to plan for health ministry programs. Examples of HC are: consultation of blood pressure screenings or other health ministry events at home, hospitals and nursing home visitation. HC helps those in Southside understand medical terms and jargon, treratment plans and/or State and social service programs such as Medicare.
  2. Health Education (HE) -- the goal here is to prepare, develop and coordinate educational programs based on identified needs for healthier lifestyles, early illness detection and available health resources. We accomplish this goal by networking with appropriate resources in our community to secure the medical resources necessary. Examples of this are: providing HE for nutrition, age-based exercise, stress management, CPR & First Aid Classes, heart health, stroke prevenation and diabetes prevention.
  3. Facilitation -- to accomplish goal, this ministry will provide training for those who are called to serve as health ministrty needs are identified. Will develop and facilitate support groups based on identified needs and resources. Identify available support groups in the community that can be a resource to Southside. Organize noninvasive health care screenings: i.e., blood pressure, risk assessment and health fairs. 
  4. Liason/Referral Agents to Community Resources -- develop community medical contacts in order to secure resources and services. Make referrals to physicians or appropriate medical and social service agencies. Network with other Faith Community Nurses and professionals in the community.
  5. Maintaining Documentation and Confidentiality -- this involves maintaining patient/client records in a locked and secured cabinet. Maintain privacy and confidentiality as required by law and HIPA. In addition, document all the FCNM activity and advice.

Those interested in being a part of the SFCNM or who would need help with their own heath from this ministry should contact Betty Ferencak at 910-431-7870.